Sofa Upholstery

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Most of the countries are now has been established as a centre for global design. From the tailors of Seville-line up to the upholsterer and even the interior designers present in all over Dubai, the city usually possesses a conceited heritage and an enthused creative impulse when it comes to design and manufacture the sofa sets. With complete new sofa designs, styles and models coming out in each season, the tradition of Dubai Sofa manufacturing looks energetic, and well in the twenty-first Century. if you don’t have enough amount of time or energy for steam cleaning your sofa set, then you also have an option to hire the steam cleaners or services of upholstery from some steam cleaning company. 

Carpets in Dubai offers a Fraux leather upholstery fabric for B40 grain and PU leather sofa.

Its 0.6mm to 1.6mm in length, and its Bottom Cloth is made up of knitted or fuzzed cloth etc.

You could select the colors according to your need and could match the color of genuine leather as well. Its Specialty is that it gives your sofa’s an environmental protection, and made them flame-retardant, yes, we are talking about both American and British flame-retardant.

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