Customized Cushion

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We are offering the best customized cushions ever in Dubai. Our Contour Lumbar Back Cushions are specially designed for providing excellent support which will help you to get relieved from your lower back pain and these cushions will also promote good posture to your body. The Contour Lumbar Back Cushion is extremely versatile and could be used at house, at office or even while you are traveling. The high quality reminiscence foam used in the Contour Lumbar Back Cushion will react very fast for providing instant relief and soothe, and we also offers slow memory foam revival for longer support. The detachable soft polyester and rayon cover up could be zip off very easily for machine washing.


  1. These customized cushions are molded foam for providing firm back support.
  2. They consist of extra side wings which help in providing extra back support.
  3. These cushions consist of removable poly cotton cover.
  4. Special Elastic strap is also provided which you could use for chair or car.
  5. It gives you ideal lumbar support which will lower your back pain.


You can use these customized cushions on hard surfaces, over and above your couches, on your car seats, or airplane seats, and on other sporting events.

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