Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

There are more than 600 fabrics available in Vertical Blinds. It could either be in 89mm or with the widths of 127mm. The blinds fabric collection usually offers purpose and style for every room.

These blinds unite opulent textures, stylish patterns and fashionable color palettes for giving a contemporary, linear sense of sensible living in luxury: surroundings. These verticals blinds offer stylish fabrics collection from spongy tonal whites, grumpy greys and blacks, to a lively rainbow of color. Our collection of vertical blinds offer the optimum in consumer preference.

Solar Reflective: A series of fabrics that utilizes the latest technology will definitely give you superior solar control.

Luxe: Neutral quality and calming shade will definitely create an ambiance of luxurious tranquility.

Colors: lively and vivacious shades will combine to create excitement in any room. At the same time as the subtle tones use to offer a intimation of the natural world.

Blackout: standard whites, temperate creams and natural tenor meet the fresh functionality and stylish designs to form a different collection for the contemporary home.

Easiwipe: fashion and function all in one. Easiwipe blinds are very easy to care, sensible solutions for today’s excited home life.

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