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Curtains Store Near Me

Since Dubai is the hot-spot and the most diverse economy of  the current era. Because people from all around the world come here to do business. In addition, the weather is so intense. So your house and office will require proper and regular maintenance. So, we are here to provide you with the best and top quality curtains that will block the intense sunlight and protect your interiors. Furthermore, we have branches all over Dubai. So, whenever and wherever you are thinking where can I find a Curtains Store Near Me? We will be there for you. Because we provide the best and most professional curtains services in Dubai.

What we offer?

Carpets in Dubai offers you all sorts of curtains for your home, apartment, stage, studio and office. Because we have a huge and diverse collection of curtains. Therefore, you will always find the curtains of your choice here. In addition, we also offer customized curtains as  well. Furthermore, following is a brief coverage of the curtains that we offer. You can also visit our site and contact us for further details.

Home Curtains

Since home curtains is an easy, cheap and quick way of renovating and protecting your home at the same time. So, we offer you the best quality home curtains. Furthermore, we use imported fabric to make home curtains. In addition, we have all the latest designs and patterns of home curtains.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are very important because the sunlight and temperature is very intense in Dubai. So, we use imported and high quality wool, silk and cotton fabric in blackout curtains.. Therefore, our curtains don’t loose their color and stand the test of time. In addition to the traditional darker shades, we also offer lighter shades of curtains as well.

Sheers Curtains

Sheers curtains are very thin because they are usually made from silk. Furthermore,  Sheers let in a lot of light but they also give you some privacy as well. In addition, sheers are very light weight and delicate.

Transparent and net curtains

Since the temperature is quite intense in Dubai. Therefore, the demand of transparent and net curtains is quite low. Because transparent curtains let in all the light and they don’t provide privacy. Hence, most of the stores don’t keep them. But we have all sorts and varieties of transparent and net curtains.  We also have all the latest designs and patterns as well.

Hotel Curtains

Since hotel is a place that provides accommodation and meals to its’ customers. Furthermore, when you are in Dubai, you can expect people from all over the world to visit your hotel. Due to which your hotel should always be ready and beautiful. So, we give you the best quality hotel curtains. Furthermore, our curtains are made from imported and best quality fabric. The fabric is usually cotton, silk and wool, and it’s imported from Turkey, India and England. Therefore, we have the best quality and the most durable hotel curtains.

Office Curtains

We have all the latest trends and designs of office curtains. Furthermore, office curtains are cover the full window in length to give a more formal look. You should use dark colored curtains if you want to block more light. While light colored curtains can also make a small office look bigger.

Stage Curtains

Stage is a raised floor or platform, typically in a theater, on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform.  So, we offer you the best quality stage curtains that are made of silk. Because silk fabric has nice folds and therefore gives an elegant look.

Motorized Curtains

We also offer motorized curtains. The motors are copper wired and therefore have a long life and are also energy efficient. You can also control more than one curtains with the same remote. Motorized curtains are usually used in offices and stage.

We also offer !

We also offer you high quality blinds and carpets for both official and residential use as well. Because we are here to give you the best curtains, blinds and carpet services in all of Dubai.